With diverse roles from software engineering to cloud consulting, my skills span programming, web technologies, cloud & DevOps, testing frameworks, and databases.

Skills & Expertise Listing:

  • Programming Languages: TypeScript, Java, Python, C#, Ruby
  • Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS, Angular, React, Redux, , Swagger,  Bootstrap, BAS
  • Cloud & DevOps: Azure, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, IIS, Git, JIRA, Postman
  • Testing Frameworks: Jest, Enzyme, Puppeteer, Selenium

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Here are some quick links to learn more about me. I’m a passionate individual with a diverse set of interests, including technology, art, and travel. With a background in computer science and a love for creative expression, I constantly seek to blend the worlds of innovation and imagination. My website serves as a canvas for sharing my experiences, insights, and creations with you. From articles on cutting-edge tech trends to food and travel diaries capturing the essence of my adventures around the world, I invite you to explore my digital realm and get to know me better. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find my content both informative and inspiring.

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